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Activities – A Glimpse DCE

Academic Activities

At Dewan College of Education (D.C.E) we espouse rational, intellectual, emotional, cultural and social growth in our pupil teacher by enriching and enhancing the academic curriculum with a variety of ingenious co-curriculum and community activities like school teaching, micro teaching , scout camp etc.

Various point of views covered like – Peace Education Report stressed to Learning to Live Together with Peace, Curriculum Design and Role of Teachers for Peace Education which is a need of Hour, by Prof. Dr. Suraksha Pal Dean CCS University Meerut; To get Peace emotional Quotient (E.Q.) is necessary with good understanding of problem and better communication skill, by Dr. S. K. Mangal Formerly Principal, Professor & Head, K.U. Haryana….and so on…


Guest Lectures/ Internal Seminars

Sociocultural Activities

At Dewan College of Education we believe in turning out happy, well-rounded individuals that is why we encourage our students to take advantage of the many cocurricular and extra-curricular activities on offer. Students learn the value of teamwork and leadership through interaction with their peers and mentors during celebrations, participation in various activities like athletics, sports, yoga & meditation, recreational activities, arts, music, drama and beginning of chapters like Spic Macay.

Patriotic Activities

Independence Day/ Republic Day Celebrations

At Dewan College of Education (D.C.E) we take up patriotic, rational, intellectual, nationalistic, chauvinistic and social activities for all round development of our pupil teacher. We espouse patriotism by elevating and inspiring the academic curriculum with a variety of jingoistic and community activities like debates & discussions on National Heroes, Local Heroes and Social workers, Celebrating National Days etc.

Recreation Tours

Sports Activities

At Dewan College of Education we pride ourselves on our academic and sports achievements; our students have won various awards and ranks in academic and sports activities while representing D.C.E at State and National Level.

Teachers Day

Innovation & Creativity

Hindi Divas