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Principal Message DCE

To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and highly quality operation.


Better institutions are always have acquired reputations on a account of their hard work, integrity, truthfulness, keenness, farsightedness, talented, effective, experienced, and research oriented faculty. Dewan College of Education is committed to foster in its students, the pursuits of individual excellence and participate in full range of academic, spiritual, cultural, social and physical activities, to make them & involve them as all-rounder. Also a quality education is a passport to its steep rise in life and creates practical avenues for them to pursue their creative interests to help them to attain financial gains and give golden opportunities to lead a life of dignity & prosperity.

Formal education is the basis for forming human capital, and policy makers should ensure that education systems help learners to adapt to the changing nature of innovation from the start. This requires curricula and pedagogies that equip students with the capacity to learn and apply new skills throughout their lives. Emphasis needs to be placed on skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, user orientation and team- work, in addition to domain-specific and linguistic skills. The acquisition of skills is a lifelong process; it does not end with formal education. Schools lay a base for lifelong learning, but ongoing skills acquisition needs to be encouraged. This involves recognizing all forms of learning and making them visible, including through qualification systems. Rewarding lifelong learning and making it attractive may help enhance participation.

Knowledge is a wealth that empowers like none other. And we are here to spread this wealth to all. At DCE, we are led by a simple philosophy – to impart quality education to all. We are dedicated to inculcating in every student all round development, with a strong focus on ethical conduct, discipline and responsibility to the society. Our commitment to excellence helps us set outstanding teaching standards. At DCE, we mold pupil-teacher into competent and successful individuals. Students at DCE will benefit from proven teaching methodologies, the best of infrastructure and an ideal ambience. They will grow to be conscientious individuals ready to take on the world. We are proud of our philosophy and we will constantly endeavor to create an exceptional educational institution.