Our Institute

At DIMS (NCR-Meerut), Dewan College of Education gives a fresh perspective of life to the conventional curriculum pattern by concentrating on the overall development of teacher trainees with requisite skills, expertise, and value education to imbibe human values that forever reign supreme.

The strength of Dewan College of Education lies in the fact that it promotes quality teacher training programs to transform the student-teacher into unmatched leaders of education, who are the leading lights to their students and at the same time carriers of our rich cultural heritage.


“A vision without action is but a dream; action without vision is a waste of time, but vision with action can change our lives”.

We at Dewan College of Education have a vision to “Awake, Arise and stop not till the Goals are reached”, and to develop teachers who are capable of catering to local and global needs in the field of education and all-round development of student-teachers to meet challenges of the 21st century by pursuing continuous excellence in the arena of education.


Dewan College of Education offers to the society globally competent teachers who are humane, collaborative, and multicultural in their outlook and to be an institution of Excellence for building the Society through enlightenment and Empowerment to teachers who are cognitively enriched, affectively balanced, spiritually inspired, Socio-culturally Committed, Research minded professionals.

  • To prepare active, confident, self-disciplined, skillful, morally mature, socially sensitive teachers.
  • To prepare ICT-enabled future teachers who are ready to learn and work in a rapidly changing, multi-cultural society.
  • To make ethical behavior in future teachers and prepared them to meet the complex challenges of society.
  • To develop Learning and Innovation Skills, life skills, and workplace skills among students and teachers.
  • To equip teachers and students with research-driven instructional practices.
  • To empower teachers and students with the knowledge and attitude required to create inclusive and multicultural learning environments.